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Nick cooking on a boat on Lake Windermere with Lakes Tv

Whitehaven food festival 2009.


A fantastic article from Susan goodson of the North West Evening Mail.


The Lord Mayors charity dinner in Kendal Town Hall 8/5/09


A nice article from the Liverpool Echo.


Nick with Andrew and Joanne from Grasmere gingerbread, a local food product that he loves.


Article from Martin Campbell of www.atrisan-food.com about sustainable seafoods,


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A great article from Martin Campbell of www.artisan-food.com for Go Lakes.


A Fantasic day at Gretna Green,


Sustainable seafoods with Nick and Catt.

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This is a lovely story from the foodlovers festival this year.


The food lovers festival county show ground kendal 2008


The Marmalade Festival At Dalmain.


Lake District Life Lunch at Lucycooks.


The North West Fine Foods Top Chefs List.


A beautiful write up of the whitehaven maritime festival from Grainne Jakobson.


                                       JUNE 2007.

On the 15th,16th and 17th I was at the Whiteaven Maritime Festival,

with Keith Floyd and Jean-Christophe Novelli,

A fantastic event with over 300,000 people coming through the town over the weekend

on the friday I was assistant to Keith who told me I was doing all the shows onstage with him, so without further ado we did 3 live shows over the course of the day,

we cooked with langoustines, Salmon, Sea bass, mussels and Cod,

In true Floyd fashion we created culinary magic and the audiences just loved Floyd,

his dishes and our stage show,

For me it was unreal at first as i sat backstage sipping red wine and scotch with Floyd and then to be live onstage with him,

to be applauded by floyd onstage brought a lump to my throat as he complimented me and my cooking with great respect,

It was like a dream come true for me just to be near him,

On the saturday I was invited onstage to assist Annette Gibbons,

Once again i was there with another legend of cooking and food,

Annette is massive here in cumbria as she is a real ambassador of local foods and producers,

Her TV programmes and books are brilliant as she creates dishes and recipes that use all things local and she is great to work with as well,

I basicly did as i was told and we created 5 dishes using, Mackeral, Smoked Haddock,

Brown Shrimps and Sea trout,

once again i got to stand onstage with another legend of food and cooking and share the

cresendo of applause and it was still only saturday,

I got to do 2 live shows of my own where i roasted whole sea bass filled with lemon, lime and ginger,

I finnished it off in Floyds thai style by spirinkling it with coriander, garlic and ginger,

and then poring over searing hot oil so it sizzled and spat all the flavours into the arena,

then i cooked sea bass fillets with roasted red peppers and brown shrimps in coriander and lemon butter,

More applause, now this was getting better by the minute,

then the sunday came around and brought Jean-Christophe Novelli with it,

this is where it got very exciting and quite scary at the same time,

I've worked with him before and seen the public havoc that is involved when he does live shows,

but this show was just packed to the rafters, we had to open the sides of the cooking theatre to allow the crouds to see what was happening,

He had brought Stein Smart form Hells kitchen with him so this was a great show on the horizon,

He cooked scallops with black pudding and apples,

Goats cheese and apple tart tatin,

and to finish he woowed the audience with his sugar work creating spirals and nests with caramel,

Once again I was invited onstage with him and he is such a nice guy by the way he pushed the attention onto me getting me to talk about what i did and my involvement with the festival and shows,

once again it's that legend of cooking and food feeling,

but this time it was'nt just an ovation of applause it was like we had just won the world cup,beat mike tyson and broke the hundred meters record all in one day,

                             MAY 2007.

Some of the things that Nick has been up to lately.

Apart from filming with Anthony Worral Thompson and Paul Rankin,

Artisan-food.com the best online food magazine on the internet.


The fantastic Vegetarian courses at lucy cooks cookery school,

Paul Hughes from Howbarrow farm came to work with Nick.


Our Nick even got into North West Fine Foods Top 10 Chefs.


The Wear Valley Food Festival at Bishop Auckland Castle,

Nick even got to meet the Bishop of Durham.


                           April 2007.

I don't think i've ever done as much in one week in all my life,

Last weekend was spent at the Old Course Hotel in St Andrews in Scotland,

I don't even play golf but i loved it,

our suite overlooked the fairway onto the 18th green,

the restaraunt was fantastic, we dined on foie gras and pistachio terrine,

turbot with puy lentils and balsamic,

Angus fillet beef with morels,

Lamb Rumps with wild mushrooms,

fantastic Scottish cheeses, creme brulee to die for and far to much red wine...

I got to walk the old course which was great as i followed in the footsteps of all the worlds finest golfers,

back this week to take a trip to bishop auckland castle to do 6 live demos at the wear valley food festival,

I cooked with venison, pigeon breasts, middle white pork, quaker bacon and pancetta

organic rhubarb with pistachio ice cream,

It was a great day and a truly fantastic place to do a show,

I even got to meet the Rt Rvd Dr N T Wright who is the Bishop of Durham.

                          Sunday 8th October 2006.

This weekend has to go down as one of the best for a long time,

I was at Rheged for the Taste District Food and Drink Festival,

I did the first demo at 10.30am,

The dishes where,

Baked Morecambe bay brown shrimps and smoked salmon in lemon pots,

Topped and glazed with blengdale blue cheese,

Then I made roast rack of Lamb with smoked black pudding,

cherry tomatoes and a red wine and quince jelly reduction,

Jean-Christophe Novelli was there and invited me to cook with him on his 3pm demo,

I could'nt believe it, to watch him cook and his interaction with the audience is Magical to see,

But to go onstage and do it with him was just awesome,

Whilst he was cooking Scallops with black pudding and apples,

I made a Tian of Haggis and black pudding glazed with Martin Gotts sheep milk cheese,

It was Ace to be stood there cooking with him,

And what a really nice guy as well,


                                         July 2006.                     


"Your cookery demo at Orton Farmers Market was fantastic.

The customers loved your recipes and ideas for BBQs and many of them and stallholders have asked for you to come back soon. 

Thank you - your demo was a great hit!"

Jo Hampson
Market manager

                         Wednesday 12th July 2006.

It has certainly been a busy few weeks to say the least !

I have been working in some of the best hotels and restaraunts around cumbria,

especially Trinity House in Ulverston,

we had to  train the young chefs for when they move to the main kitchens at the fantastic Lakeside hotel by newby bridge,

I enjoyed it very much, working with the young chefs and hopefully i was able to teach them something worthwhile,

I have also done live demos at the farmers markets at Cockermouth and Orton,

over the next few weeks i will be working alongside Lucy Nicholson to get the cookery school ready in stavely,

I can't wait for that to start as it is a brilliant project to be involved in ,

                                 Sunday 18th June 2006.

Well today was a fantastic experience,

I got to do 3 live demos with Lesley Waters

from sky tv's " ready steady cook "

At the foodlovers festival on the county showground near kendal,

I cooked steamed salmon with pak choi and spinach,

Baked middle white pork loin with cabbage and bacon mash and brandy scented prunes,

Roast rack of Mansergh Hall lamb with mint and cucumber cous cous,

Baked black pudding with goats cheese and caremelised shallots,

Seared Mackeral fillets with beetroot risotto,

It was a great pleasure to be on the same stage with Lesley and she is a lovely lady with a bubbly personality and a great sense of humour,

Watch for all the pictures coming soon.......

                             Monday 13th March 2006.

Here i will put all the feedback from my discussions with the excellent students at Kendal College today,

We had a really good chat session, I like to think we got into some very interesting and informative subjects,

I left the college today feeling elated after sharing my views and experience with the students,

they have been set a task by Yannick Lequitte, to write about our session today, so i will insert there feedback as soon as i get it.


                            Wednesday 8th March 2006.

Today was a very good Live session with Val,

We spoke about Oysters, mussels , Clams, Scallops and Rhubarb,

We where trying to get people to try fresh fish and shell fish for themselves,

And also to try using the almost forgotten Rhubarb.


                              Monday 23rd January 2006.

It was back into the BBC Radio studios in Kendal today,

Another great Live chat session with Val armstrong about all the seasonal and local goodies on offer at the moment,

Today we chatted about shoulder of lamb cooked with red wine and Rosemary,

Root vegetable mash, thick winter soups and Herdwick mutton.


                              Friday 26th November 2005.

It was off to the BBC Radio Studios in kendal today,

I was Live talking to Val Armstrong all about Local Game from here in Cumbria,

We chatted about Pheasants from the Greythwaite Estate which is only 5 miles from the hotel,

Oxtail cooked with wine and herbs with Parsnip puree,

And all about winter vegetables and how to use them.


                               Sunday October 30th 2005.

Today was a good day at the Foodlovers Festival at Tatton Park in Cheshire,

I only had one demo to do and I made it a good one,

First up was,

Roasted Monkfish with Lemon, Ginger, Garlic , Thyme and Frizee Lettuce.

Then it was,

Confit of Tuna with a Pipperade of Peppers, tomatoes and Sweet onions,

Two Beautiful Dishes that were well Recieved by the Audience,

Especially the two Ladies who got to Sample the dishes.


                                Tuesday 11th October 2005.

We have just got back from a fantastic visit to the Island of Crete,

It was a real " Cooks Tour "

We travelled around the Island Sampling the Local food,

From Slow cooked Mountain Lamb in Tomatoes and Oregano,

Fresh Picked Wild Greens with lemon and Olive oil,

Mashed Fava Beans with Olive oil and Onions,

Suckling Pig in Wild herbs and garlic,

Tripe and mixed Bean soup,

Roast Grey Snails in sea salt, Rosemary, Lemon and Garlic,

Slow Cooked Octopus with Thyme,

Fried Squid with Garlic and Lemon oil,

Homemade Sweet Yogurt with Marinaded Grapes,

Roasted Jerusalem Artickokes with Butter,Herbs and Garlic,

When we was'nt eating we were Tasting all the Local Wines and Brews,

It was a great tour of the Island, I will Go back there one day,

I Drank the Water from the Fountain in Spili,

And as Legend has it,

If you Drink from the Fountain you will Return !!


                                Tuesday 20th September.

It was off to the BBC Radio Cumbria Studios in Kendal,

I met Martin Lewes,

He Talked me Through the plan of the Programme,

At 10am  "I went Live " with Val Armstrong,

We talked of the Local food, Our recipes, and the Economy of Cumbria,

And  " Brambles "

Or Blackberries as they are known around the Country,

They will go Well with Crisp Roast Duck,

And Bramley Apples in A Crumble with Mascarpone.



                                     Thursday 8th September 2005.


                                     The Westmorland County Show.

Well we had a fantastic day,

We met John Crouch  and  Annette Gibbons,

After an initial tour of the show ground we got down to business,

It was over to the Kendal Rough Fell Stall,

Jayne Bland did a live radio interview with me and Hilary,

Brian Knowles met us at the Rough Fell Stall and it was a great inspiration,

as they talked us through the Presentation from the Stall to the show,

Where Nick Cooked the Lamb,

His  " Say it as it is " Reaction to the Quality of the lamb,

really  " got him going ",

Karen and David from Lakes Speciality Foods Sat in the front row,

The Rack of Lamb was Served with Caponata, Roast Asparagus,

And the Creamiest Rosemary and lemon Scented Mash,

Then came Nicks Signature Dish,

He say's  " This is the inspiration I Learned in Italy "

From the Arena del Sole in Bologna came the Loin Of Lamb,

Cooked to the Lovely side of Pink,

With Pear Puree, Roast Red Onions and Sour Cherry And Chocolate Bread,

And What a Fine Dish...............

The Second Demo Really brought Nick Into What he Does very Well,

Roast Peaches, Nectarines, Raspberry Sorbet,

plum Tomatoes and Sea Salt,

" And he Calls it a Dessert "

Nick was just Buzzin as He was the Judge of the young farmers cooking,

4 Teams of 3 Students,

Chris Park and His team Won the Day with the way they Educated Nick,

" I was About to ask about the Lamb and got a cookery Lesson "

The Highlight of the day for Nick,

Was the Turnout,

20,000 People on a One day show,

The Area of Cumbria is a great place for a County Show,

In the Audience Where,

Carl Tebay, Barrie Roe, Craig Marshall, Ian Douglass

and Peter Brown ( Cameraman ) and Fat Geordie,


                                                     14 th August 2005..

" What a setting to do a demo ",

Stonyhurst College is an awesome place to visit,

all the food halls and demo areas were set up in the grounds surrounding the college,

Nick did 2 demos and he thouroughly enjoyed them both,

The first demo was Oriental crisp Salmon cooked onto,

Spring greens with red chili and coriander,

Then Roasted Basil Scented Chicken Supreme,

with Roasted Red Pepper filled with,

Wild Rocket, Cherry Tomatoes and Goats Cheese.


On the second demo it was ,

Seared Fillet of Venison with Apple and Cranberry Glaze,

Then char Grilled Kebab of mackeral,

with Brown Shrimps and Coriander Butter.


There was also demos with,

Simon Rimmer the author of " The Accidental vegetarian "


Brian Mellor,  Sponsored by Made in lancashire,




                                             July 2005..


From the moment we arrived in Bologna we were made welcome,

the people are lovely and bologna is beautiful,

I got to work with Cesare Marretti at his artefood restaurant,

preparing the finger buffet for the opening of the gala dinner

in the theatre on the friday night,

We used morecambe bay brown shrimps,

Farmer sharpes herdwick lamb,

Delamere goats cheese,

Port of Lancaster smoked salmon,

Woodalls sausage,

Hawekshead relishes,

Kirkhams cheese,

And the fantastic sour cherry and chocolate bread from pain de paris.

we put the smoked salmon with the cream cheese onto crostinis,

the brown shrimps where cooked with garlic and fresh coriander and we spooned them onto apricot halves that were picked from a local farm the day before,

the kirkhams cheese was sliced onto fresh peaches,

the woodalls sausage was skewered with spiced carrots and hawkeshead relishes,

this was all carefully transported to the arena del sole.


In the evening we set up the finger buffet,

as all the guests arrived at the theatre they walked round and sampled all the food we had to offer,

Now i got to work with Marrio Ferrera,

He helped me to set up the buffet and to translate for me with all the Italian guests,

then we moved to the backstage of the theatre,

where we joined a brigade of 25 chefs from bologna,

Mario and I where in charge of the main course for the gala dinner,

Farmer Sharps loin of herdwick lamb,

cooked in olive oil and herbs,

with a puree of pears and mustard with  roasted onions

and the fantastic sour cherry and chocolate bread from pain de paris,

we had to set the first 10 dishes up live on the stage with Bruno Damini,

he was the presenter of the event which was being filmed for Italian TV,

as we set up the dishes,

we where talking of the links to Italy that we had created

and of the need to promote both local foods from England and Italy.

then there was the other 120 of the dish to set up backstage,

It was almost magical the way we where able to work together,

i don't speak any Italian and Mario does'nt speak any English,

But we set up the dishes with great ease,

it was a terrific evening which ended around 1am,

then with the production crew and all the theatre staff along with the chefs and staff involved with the dinner,

we all retired to a fantastic local bar for some well earned refreshments.



The Italian Team.

Vincenzo Cammerucci.... Ristorante Lido Lido ( Cesenatico )

Maria Di Giandomenico.... Trattoria iL Caminetto d'Oro ( Bologna )

Marco Fadiga....  Marco Fadiga Bistrot ( Bologna )

Marrio Ferrara.... Trattoria Scaccomatto ( Bologna )

Cesare Marretti.... Ristorante Artefood Dandy ( Minerbio - Bologna )

Massimiliano Poggi.... Ristorante Al Cambio ( Bologna )

Marcello and Gianluca Leoni....

Ristorante iL sole Antica Locanda Del Trebbo ( trebbo di reno bologna )

The English Team.

Nick Martin.... The North West.

Martin Charlton.... The North east.

Simon Smith.... The West Midlands.

Dev Matharoo.... The east Midlands.


17th / 18th june 2005.

We had a tour of local suppliers and producers of the fine foods,

of Lancashire and Cumbria.

With a group of Italians guests from Bologna.

We had,

Bruno Damini, the project co ordinator of the bologna arena sole theatre,

Carlo ottaviano, the editor of Viedelgusto magazine from Milan,

Journalists, Raffaella prandi and Giuseppina Babetto,

Photographer and camera man, Nicola Artico,

And the chefs,

Cesare marretti of Ristorante artefood,

Mario Ferrera of Trattoria Scaccamatto.


We started the day at Delamere dairy in cheshire,

Tasting  there goats cheeses and choosing which one's to take to bologna,

everyone was made to feel welcome by Liz and Ed,

who gave us a tour of the farm,

We are taking their Mature goats cheese and their fantastic spreadable cheese to Italy.


After Delamere dairy we went to the three fishes for lunch,

Nigel Haworth was a great host,

we had lancashire hot pot, fish pie, Morecambe bay brown shrimps,

and local cheeses with the three fishes chutney,

After lots of photo sessions with Nigel and his chefs,

we moved onto,

Fairfield farm to see their specialist pork and gammon,

then onto Huntley's farm shop for Ice cream and Lancashire cheese.

After a great tour of lancashire,

It was back to the Regent hotel for a chefs tasting dinner,

We had,

A smooth parfait of free range chicken livers with brandy and onion jam,

Classic " cullen skink "

Roast leg of farmer sharps herdwick mutton,

Cumbrian courting cake with honey ice cream,

and finnished off with local cheeses, mixed seed honey and juicy pears,